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Welcome to the Pan-Clan Pan Parts Exchange. This is a free service offered by the UK Pan-Clan for people (club members and public) to offer for sale parts for the Pan-European motorcycle.

The Pan-Clan is not buying Pan-European parts, we are simply offering a service to match buyers and sellers. The sales transaction is conducted by the two parties and the Pan-Clan accept no part of the deal or payment (although donations to the club are always welcome!!).

The information you give here will be viewed before posting, and may be amended for clarity or legal reasons. The Pan-Clan reserves the absolute right to not publish any request that they deem unacceptable or contrary to the spirit of the offered service.

I am looking to Buy/Sell a part for a Pan European, and request that the following information is published on my behalf (enter as much information as you can, most fields are optional):

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The information about the bike you are looking for will not be published until it has been checked.

The Pan-Clan reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to modify or delete information that passes through this exchange if it is believed such information to be inappropriate. You also understand that the Pan-Clan are only acting as a publisher of your information, and will take no part in any transaction that takes place. The Pan-Clan bears no responsibility of the accuracy of descriptions or the condition of any parts offered.

Clicking on the Submit button means that you accept all responsibility for the information given here.
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