Benefits of joining the Pan-Clan

So, you have a Pan-European and are interested in finding out more?

You enjoy riding your Pan-European? So do we! Why not come and join other enthusiasts for socials and ride-outs around the UK and overseas.

Unlike a lot of other motorcycle clubs, the Pan-Clan is a club for a very restricted range of bikes - the ST1100 and ST1300 Pan-European from Honda.

This gives the club one of it's main strengths - in-depth knowledge and experience of these bikes.

When you attend a Pan-clan event, especially the national events which can attract upto 100 bikes, you'll soon realise that each of these identical bikes is actually unique.

The range of modifications, extras and farkles added to the bikes is staggering. But more important is the knowledge behind these mods.

Within the club is a wealth of knowledge and experience about how the bike is put together, what can be done to it, and how it can be used. Members of the club love their bikes, and are happy to share their experience.

Knowledge and experience goes beyond just the bikes. Help with Sat-Navs (installing, using and route planning on PCs), video equipment are just some of the other areas where being in the club makes such a difference.

When you join the Pan-Clan you will be allocated to the Area that covers your postal address. This does not mean that you are restricted to that area alone. Any member of the club can attend events or meetings of any other area. You may well find that the adjacent area meets at a location that is more suitable for you. Go along to a meeting and talk to the Area Rep and he will get you 'transfered'. All that means is that you'll be on his distribution list. If you want to be in more than one area, that is fine too, the choice is yours.

To see these articles, and many more covering various aspects of the Pan-European, you need to join our club!

To join the club just click the 'Join the Clan' link to the left, or click here.