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Welcome to the Pan-Clan Pan Parts Exchange. This is a free service offered by the UK Pan-Clan for people (members and public) to offer for sale, or seek to buy, parts for the Pan-European motorcycle. You do not need to be a member of the Pan-Clan to use this free service.

The Pan-Clan is NOT selling or buying parts, we are simply offering a service to match buyers and sellers. The sales transaction is conducted by the two parties and the Pan-Clan accept no part of the deal or payment (although donations or new membership to the club are always welcome!!).

Here you can see Pan-European parts that are for sale or are wanted that are registered on the exchange. If you are interested in one of the parts, or have a part that might be of interest to someone, click on the "Contact" button next to the entry to send them a message.

If you want to buy or sell a part for a Pan-European, select the "Trade Part" button on the right and fill in the form. After validation, your information will be posted here.

Note 1: Entries are displayed for a maximum of 4 months only.

Note 2: This is a moderated service, so there may be a delay between making contact and messages posted or passed on. The Pan-Clan reserves the right at its absolute discretion to amend or delete postings/messages that are deemed inappropriate.

How does it work

The Pan Parts Exchange

On this page you can see any parts for a Pan European (ST1100 and ST1300) which are for sale or are sought. It is free to have your part listed on this site, but that is all the Pan-Clan is doing - listing the parts. We offer a service that will put potential buyers or sellers in touch with each other, from there it's up to them to continue or not.

Against any parts for sale or are wanted is a 'Contact' button. Use this to send a message to the other party. At this time you will not know who they are, but they will receive your email address. It is up to them to decide if they want to respond to your query, and if they do you will get their contact details. This first contact will go through moderation to ensure that the system is being used correctly, subsequent communications is between you and the other party directly.

To seek information about trading a Pan part, please click the Trade Part button.

Pan Parts for Sale:


Category is: Other
Condition: Very good
Price: £Very good
Location: Peebles Scottish borders
Posted:14th May, 2024
Top box and pannier internal cases in lovely condition only one tour used £15


Category is: Other
Title: Blasting and ultrasonic
Price: £
Location: Garston Liverpool
Posted:7th April, 2024
In South Liverpool with small part glass blasting
cabinet. Available for club to use
Also ultrasonic cleaner that will clean carbs in an hour . Check those pilot jets ! Do not like powder coating so 2 pack seems to wear well .
Spray as well. Have a go.

Pan Parts Wanted:


Category is: Fairing/Screen/Seat
Title: lowered- custom seat
Condition: good condition
Price: £will pay up to 150
Location: Shropshire
Posted:24th April, 2024
I'm after a lower seat thanks.
Title: Low seat required please..
Condition: Any
Price: £
Location: Lancashire
Posted:12th April, 2024


Category is: Other
Title: Wanted: 2018 Pan European 1300 right hand pannier
Condition: Must be in good condition
Price: £Willing to give s good price
Location: South Wales
Posted:5th May, 2024
Colour code PB 388M Ion Blue, Complete pannier wanted. If anyone has one or knows for one, please contact Lee
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