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Welcome to the Pan-Clan Pan Bike Exchange. This is a free service offered by the UK Pan-Clan for people (members and public) to offer for sale, or seek to buy, a Pan-European motorcycle. You do not need to be a member of the Pan-Clan to use this free service.

The Pan-Clan is NOT selling or buying Pan-Europeans, we are simply offering a service to match buyers and sellers. The sales transaction is conducted by the two parties and the Pan-Clan accept no part of the deal or payment (although donations or new membership to the club are always welcome!!).

Here you can see Pan-European bikes that are for sale or are wanted that are registered on the exchange. If you are interested in one of the bikes, or have a bike that might be of interest to someone, click on the "Contact" button next to the entry to send them a message.

If you want to buy or sell a Pan-European, select the "Buy a Pan" or "Sell a Pan" button on the right and fill in the form. After validation, your information will be posted here.

If you buy a Pan via this exchange, please think about joining the Pan-Clan to support the club, and get maximum enjoyment from your purchase.

Note 1: Entries are displayed for a maximum of 4 months only.

Note 2: This is a moderated service, so there may be a delay between making contact and messages posted or passed on. The Pan-Clan reserves the right at its absolute discretion to amend or delete postings/messages that are deemed inappropriate.

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The Pan-Exchange

On this page you can see any Pan European (ST1100 and ST1300) which are for sale or are sought. It is free to have your bike listed on this site, but that is all the Pan-Clan is doing - listing the bikes. We offer a service that will put potential buyers or sellers in touch with each other, from there it's up to them to continue or not.

Against any bikes for sale or are wanted is a 'Contact' button. Use this to send a message to the other party. At this time you will not know who they are, but they will receive your email address. It is up to them to decide if they want to respond to your query, and if they do you will get their contact details. This first contact will go through arbitration to ensure that the system is being used correctly, subsequent communications is between you and the other party directly.

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Important Information about buying/selling Motorbikes (or any vehicle).

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Pans for Sale:


Year: 1990
Mileage: 43593
Price: £1750.00
Colour: RED
Location: Bournemouth Southwest England Dorset
Posted:20th November, 2020
Very nice 1990 (J) Honda Pan European ST1100 43.593 miles. Comes with 12 months mot, service history. Has a few scratches here and there but nothing major. Starts, runs and rides Spot on (Solid engine).

Best bike I have ever owned.

Comes with original panniers, plus 45L back box with backrest. Also fitted adjustable arm rest for pillion (my wife loves them)
Lots of tread left in both tyres

12 months MOT

Two keys, loads of paper work

Very clean original bike. The only modifications are larger windscreen (still have original) & larger top box otherwise all standard
Year: 1999
Mileage: 56135
Price: £1595
Colour: RED
Location: Wembley / London
Posted:7th October, 2020
MOT till next year 04 /08/2021
top box side box good condition running smoothly new battery new generator (alternator)
Year: 2001 Y reg
Mileage: 26000
Price: £2250
Colour: Red with gold wheels
Location: Essex
Posted:15th September, 2020
New MOT & service,2 new tyres, new battery.
Stainless steel exhaust system.
Heated grips, large GIVI Top box?
Corbin style seat (very comfortable)
Have owned since 2005, has been SORND since 2018
Age forces sale
Year: 2002
Mileage: 58000
Price: £1750 ono
Colour: Dark purple
Location: Morayshire
Posted:24th August, 2020
This bike is in good condition with all parts present and runs very well. Heated grips, flip screen, fairly new tyres and mot to August 2021. Some surface corrosion on the swingarm and rocker covers but overall very nice and ready to tour. I`m well north so can do a video tour for you and arrange delivery if needed.
Year: R304YJC
Mileage: 95000
Price: £2000
Colour: Black
Location: Wirral
Posted:12th August, 2020
Mot till December but can put 12 months on it. Lovely ride, no problems at all with it. New front tyre, back tyre great. Comes with full screen and half screen
Year: R304YJC
Mileage: 95000
Price: £2000
Colour: Black
Location: Wirral
Posted:12th August, 2020
Mot till December but can put 12 months on it lovely ride no problems at all with it new front tyre back tyre great , Comes with full screen and half screen
Year: 2001 ABS/TCS
Mileage: 40,240
Price: £1500 ono
Colour: RED
Location: Edinburgh
Posted:26th July, 2020
I`m selling my Pan due to lack of use and because it has a problem I`ve been unable to fix!

I bought it in 2018 and have ridden through Europe on it, the maiden voyage was from Bridgend in Wales to Bielefeld in Germany in torrential rain! Only on a Pan!

I have used it very little in between short tours as I just haven`t had the time. The bike has full (almost) service history and I have serviced it myself since I bought it, i.e. Air and Oil filters. I have swapped out the original clutch hose for a Goodridge braided one and swapped the levers for adjustable one`s although I still have the originals if wanted. I changed the cush drive rubbers in April 2020 and have cleaned the splines which looked good and coated in proper Honda moly-paste. I have also replaced the brake pads front and rear. This is where my problems have arrived. I removed the rear caliper to clean the pistons/bore and replace seals as the rear was binding slightly. Since replacing the caliper and renewing the brake fluid I have been unable to bleed it properly and the front brake lever is very soft, although the foot pedal is not too bad. I have bled and re-bled putting 8 litres of fluid through it trying to get a firm lever on the front but I`ve been unable to sort it. I have spent many weekends since April trying to fix it and now I have given up as my marriage will not survive another weekend with the bike!

Other than the brake issue the only thing it will need soon is a set of tyres, which I was planning do do for this season but because I`ve not been riding I haven`t had them done.

The bike is in quite good condition for age and looks pretty nice for nearly 20! although there are some scratches and blemishes to the paint as to be expected. It is a good (mostly) original example of this amazing bike. I dont` think it`s ever been used as a commuter. The swing arm is fine and I`ve treated the frame and swingarm with ACF-50 every year since I`ve had it. The MOT runs until Sep 2020 however the buyer MUST be aware that the brakes are not working as expected and that they should be prepared to trailer it away. Therefore the bike is clearly sold as seen, its a fantastic bike but I just can`t put any more time into this issue, I wish I could but I have already missed a summer of riding because I can`t sort it. Hopefully a new mechanically minded owner will be able to fix it up and get it eating up the miles as it was designed to do.

I have a year old Top Sellerie Saddle for the Pan which I was looking to sell separately (New nearly £400), however, if I get very near the asking price I will add it in with the sale. Please get in touch for photographs or more information.

Thank you,



Year: 2007
Mileage: 75000
Price: £2500 (ono)
Colour: Silver
Location: Hampshire
Posted:12th October, 2020
There is a fault with the clutch on this bike. After approximately 15 mins of riding it starts to lose tension. The clutch slave cylinder was replaced last week but sadly did not fix the issue so the master cylinder will need to be replaced. I have been quoted three hundred to have it fixed however I`ve made the decision to sell and change to a smaller bike more suited to my short commute.

The asking price reflects the work that would be required to fix it. Other than that fault the bike is in good order. It has done 75,000 miles but is a workhorse of a bike. With the clutch repaired it will run for many more miles! Any questions please ask. If you are local to Basingstoke you can ride it back but any further and it will need to be collected. Happy to arrange this at buyers cost. 4 Owners
Year: 2002 C13PAN
Mileage: 106,000
Price: £1200
Colour: Silver
Location: Surrey Epsom
Posted:5th October, 2020
Love the pan but getting heavy. New pads, tyres, battery, rubber,
Year: 2007
Mileage: 51,200
Price: £4200 ono
Colour: silver
Location: Near Swansea. SA18
Posted:15th September, 2020
A beautiful, well cared for and looked after bike. Full service History, Great condition. Extremely reliable. Requires an MOT. Top box and 2 side panniers. Mount for Sat Nav. Change in circumstances forces sale.
Year: 66 plate
Mileage: 5060
Price: £10,000 or ono
Colour: Black
Location: SW Scotland
Posted:29th August, 2020
Immaculate bike only selling as life changes
Year: 2011
Mileage: 60000
Price: £5800 ovno
Colour: Silver
Location: West Sussex
Posted:25th August, 2020
ST1300 A9
I am the second owner having owned the bike since 31st Aug. 2013 when it had covered 3770mls. It has been serviced every 4000mls by Dan Johnson of BikeMoto Portsmouth. A flip screen from BikeQuip is fitted. Also has a rear swing arm protector, front fender extender and frame protector kit. The original screen is included and is in as new condition having been swapped over on ownership.
A Givi top box plate is in place but top box not included.

Reason for sale? Well with the passing years I feel that the Pan is just starting to feel a tad heavy to move about now. Riding side is no problem, so a reluctant sale.

Being a very meticulous owner the bike is in way above average condition and rides exactly the same way as when first owned. (This is my second ST1300 and have also owned the ST1100, so I like them!) Everything works as it should.
The MOT is valid until 21st June 2021 and 2 new Bridgestones were fitted this year at 58600mls.

Pans Wanted:


Year: 1998
Mileage: 45009
Price: £2500
Location: Derby
Posted:25th October, 2020
Decent condition. Average mileage. Swing arm good. Exhaust, stainless steel. Preferably heated grips


Year: 2005-2016
Mileage: 30,000
Price: £5.000
Colour: any
Location: Lytham, Lancachire
Posted:18th October, 2020
Must have full service history.
Year: Approx 2005
Mileage: 30000
Price: £4000
Location: County Durham
Posted:18th September, 2020
ST1300 wanted by private buyer. Must have been looked after with service history. No ex services bikes please.
Year: 2005
Mileage: 60000
Price: £5000
Posted:12th August, 2020
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