The NEWS Event

The N E W S (North, East, West, South) Run is a National Event open to all members of the Pan-Clan. Generally organised in the early part of the year, the N E W S Run is a one day meeting at a location of national interest. Each year one of the areas will opt to organise the N E W S Run, and so it moves around the UK.

For those that need the excuse, this is a great opportunity to get a decent number of miles on the tyres, and meet up with like-minded members of the club. A Bit of Banter; Grab some Grub; and Head back Home. [I've run out of alliterations]

In 2013 the event took place at the Coventy Motor Museum.

Coventry Transport Museum 2013

Members can find more information by logging-in to the Members' Area and check out the Future Events.

Leeds Armoury, 2012