Welcome to the Pan-Clan
The Honda Pan-European Owners Club, the UK club for the Pan-European (ST1100 and ST1300) motorcycles.

Changes to Tax Discs and Driving Licences

The DVLA have made some changes regarding Tax discs and the paper counterpart of plastic driving licences.

You can read about the changes on this page, with links to the relevant DVLA announcements,

Pan Exchange

The Pan-Clan is please to offer, for an experimental period, the Pan Exchange.

This is a place where buyers and sellers of Pan Eurpean motorcycles (ST1100 and ST1300 models) can advertise their offers or wants.

The Pan-Clan is NOT buying or selling Pans, just offering a space where people can advertise or seek one, with a service to put people in touch.

All initial contact is via someone in the Pan-Clan who will check that the initial contacts are suitable, then to two parties are put in contat to make any deal. The Pan-Clan are not part of that deal and expressly do not warrant anything to do with any deal that may be struck.

The number of Pans for sale on the exchange is 5.

The number of Pans wanted on the exchange is 3.

Events coming up in the next 3 months Members can get more details by logging-in to the Members' Only area. Events listed below with an orange background may not go ahead, those with a red background have been cancelled.
Event Date (2016)AreaEvent name
Sat Feb 13 Committee Meeting & Representatives
Tue Feb 16 East & London London & South East Meeting
Sun Feb 21 Fens & Wolds Third Sunday Sally
Sun Feb 21 East & London Sunday Lunch - The Beehive
Wed Feb 24 South Central South Central Social Meeting Angel Hotel West Meon A32
Thu Mar 03 Scotland Monthly Meeting
Thu Mar 03 South Central RAM
Thu Mar 03 Fens & Wolds Evening Meeting at The Barge
Tue Mar 15 East & London London & South East Meeting
Sat Mar 19 Fens & Wolds Bottesford Egg Run
Sun Mar 20 East & London Sunday Lunch - Fillpots Cafe, Boxted
Wed Mar 30 South Central PLEASE NOTE *** South Central Social Meeting The Half Moon ***
Sun Apr 03 South Central Ride After Meeting
Thu Apr 07 Scotland Monthly Meeting
Thu Apr 07 Fens & Wolds Evening Meeting at The Barge
Sat Apr 09 Pan Clan Committee Meeting
Sun Apr 10 Fens & Wolds Ride to the NEWS Run
Sun Apr 10 South Central NATIONAL NEWS RUN
Sun Apr 10 National Event News Run
Tue Apr 12 East & London London & South East Meeting
Sun Apr 24 South Central Ride Before Meeting (RBM)
Wed Apr 27 South Central South Central Social Meeting Angel Hotel West Meon A32
Fri Apr 29 South Central The North West Group
Fri Apr 29 North West Grange Dale
Sat Apr 30 North West Grange Dale
Sun May 01 North West Grange Dale
Mon May 02 North West Grange Dale
Thu May 05 Scotland Monthly Meeting
Thu May 05 Fens & Wolds Evening Meeting at The Barge

ST1300 Urgent News

Following a near-catastrophic accident, a number of Pan-Clan members report a serious problem with their ST1300's. It relates to the centre clamp underneath the bike where the exhausts meet.

For one member, this was so rotted that it collapsed as he was riding, the rear tyre then hit the clamp as it fell causing a blow-out. Others have checked theirs and found that the clamp has come away in their hands. see picture.

Replacement clamps are relatively cheap, and a lot better than the possible alternative.



Having just had my ST1300 MoT'd, I got a report that the clamps on the silencers were splitting (not the central one that gave the problem above). Having checked all three clamps I have now obtained a set of the 3 clamps required (2 large, one smaller), in stainless steel, from ebay. Cost, including the £1 premium for 1st class delivery (=next day for me) was £17! I was quoted almost £120 by the garage doing the MoT to just replace the 2!!

The Pan European Owners Club ("Pan-Clan")

Established 1993

The Pan European Owners Club ("Pan-Clan") is a UK wide club for owners of the Honda Pan-European models. These are currently the ST-1100 and ST-1300, but we are ever hopeful that Honda are about to launch a replacement model.

The Club is UK wide, but the country is divided into more manageable areas, which can be seen listed in the top left of this page. To see which area you might be in, visit this interactive map.

Each Area has an Area Rep who is responsible for informing all the members in their area about National and Local events that are taking place.

All Areas will have a schedule of ride-outs for each year. You can contact your nearest Area Rep to arrange a "Try before you Buy" where you will be made very welcome to attend one of the area events, and one of their regular meetings too.

Around this page you will see information about the various National Events we organise for the Pan-Clan members (sorry, these are strictly Pan-Clan members only). Elsewhere on the site is the information about how you can join the Pan-Clan. There is also information about the bi-Monthly magazine (PANtasia) which is sent to all members.

If you are not sure which area you might be in, check out the map on the Areas page. As a member of the Pan-Clan you can attend any area meeting, the assignment to an Area Rep is purely so you don't get forgotten! If you live near the border of one of our areas, it might be more appropriate and quicker to visit the adjoining areas meetings. You'll be very welcome wherever you attend.

Other National Events


Now available on the Tickler page is a link to a short video of the 2011 Tickler to Le Mont Dore, France

The Pan-European is a great bike for touring, and as its name implies, it loves the open roads of Europe. Whilst many Pan-Clan riders have experienced the delights of touring on mainland Europe, many find the idea quite daunting.

If you are one of those, or just fancy a short break in Europe with a group of like minded bikers read on ...

Challenge 2015

There is a lot of enjoyment in going out for a ride on the Pan. But how much more fun is there if you are using it for a bit more than getting from A to B.

The annual Challenge event is a social weekend that includes a 'treasure hunt' on the Saturday. For more details about this event see the Challenge page.

NEWS Run 2016

The NEWS Run is a National Event open to all members of the Pan-Clan. It is a one day meeting at a location of national interest. Each year one of the areas will opt to organise the NEWS event., and so it moves around the UK.

The location for the 2015 event was Bletchley Park, Berkshire.

Social Events

Social Events are organised at both a National and Local level. These can range from mid-summer evening runs to some local meeting place; a couple of games of 10-pin bowling; an informal party-night; theatre trips; boat trips. Members will receive information in the National club magazine PANtasia or from their area rep.

International Pan Gathering - 2016

Each year somewhere in Europe is the International Pan Gathering. The event has been held in UK, Austria, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Norway. The 2015 event was held in Holland.

This event is open to ALL Pan-European riders, and you don't have to be a member of a club to attend.

In 2016 the event will be held in León, Spain starting Wednesday 7th September 2016 through until Sunday 11th September (4 nights).

For more details of the 2016 event, and to book, visit the 2016 Pan Gathering site.

View this page for some more information about the International Pan-Gathering, its history and future locations.